Your Union - Committed to the future of our industry

The Plumbers Union recognises that apprentices are the future of our industry. For this reason, we devote significant resources to ensuring that apprentices are well trained, kept safe and are recognised with fair wages and conditions.

The Union, through its partnerships with industry, has established the Services Trades College Australia (TSTCA) and a state of the art training school that is currently training fire and mechanical and sanitary apprentices.

There is a network of part-time mentors plus the Union's Apprentice Co-ordinator - Justin Maxwell - who is the point of contact for all apprentices. Justin also promotes the plumbing trades to school leavers and any other person considering a change in career.

A message from Apprentice Mentor, Justin Maxwell

Hi my name is Justin Maxwell, I have been part of this industry for 28 years now and am glad I chose this path at the age of sixteen. I worked as a sprinkler fitter for 21 years in all aspects of the trade being construction, service and testing. I was introduced to the union at a young age and straight away saw the benefits of being a union member. The company I started my apprenticeship with went belly up in my third year, the union quickly stepped in and secured my apprenticeship with the company who took over the project.

Seven years ago I was employed by the Plumbers union as an organiser, I now am lucky enough to be involved with the Plumbers Union Apprentice Program as the Apprentice Mentor/Coordinator, this program delivers the best possible outcomes for apprentices and employers in our industry.

Your union will be supplying uniforms for all apprentices who take part in the Plumbers Union Apprentice Program and we expect they will be worn with pride. Also your union has developed the  program to fund  additional training for all participating apprentices to upskill beyond the normal training they would receive during their apprenticeship.

Part of my role as Apprentice Mentor is to talk with apprentices about how their training is going, I do a lot of this at the training centre and on site and have found there are some issues out there regarding scope of work. If you are an apprentice who falls into this category I would like to hear from you as I am currently collecting information to present to employers to try to help tackle this issue. The introduction of eprofiling should assist with this, the problem won't be resolved overnight but I'm sure once the facts are collected and presented to the appropriate parties this issue can be worked through. I am able to come to your site for a chat about this or anything else that may be on your mind so give me a call on 0488 556 222.